It snowed here in Denver last night. My wife is decorating the tree and sipping on hot chocolate (I’m having coffee). That means it’s time for Christmas. I’m hoping you won’t mind us sharing our epic Spotify Christmas playlist here on the site. If you don’t like Christmas music, or Christmas in general, please ignore this post and come back for the next one. We promise not to bombard you with Christmas-focused content all season long. We have plenty of other stuff in the works. If you’re like me and can’t survive the Christmas season without a good playlist, then my epic Spotify Christmas playlist is for you. Hit the play button on the playlist or add it to your Spotify collection.

Epic Spotify Christmas Playlist

My epic Spotify Christmas playlist has everything you could ever want from a Christmas music playlist. Well… maybe not everything. I specifically ignored all the Christmas songs that I thought were annoying and shouldn’t be on the radio. So many radio stations play an “eclectic” mix of music. Mine is significantly less quirky and more focused on the quality of musicianship.

While this playlist specifically focuses on the best arrangements of the most popular songs, a few albums are worth listening to in their entirety. I’ve added my 10 favorite albums of all time to the bottom of this post. You’ll find a few tracks from each sprinkled throughout my epic Spotify Christmas playlist. When available, you can snag them on vinyl, disc, MP3, or listen free with Prime Music — whatever you prefer. If you have Spotify, just add my playlist to your collection and listen to this playlist whenever.

My 12 Favorite Christmas Albums of All Time

In no particular order:

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If you have anything you think I overlooked, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. What’s your favorite album of all time? I’m always interested in finding new Christmas music! Merry Christmas!

Image via Flickr