Join the Monsterpack


Thanks for being interested in joining the Monsterpack! If supporting us financially isn’t your cup of tea, no problem! We appreciate you being part of this community regardless. If you have a few extra bucks to spare each month and would like to become a patron, please follow the link below:

Depending on your Patreon membership tier, you will get access to the following perks:

  • Patrons-Only Discord Channels
  • Patrons-Only Weekly Livestreams
  • Monthly Music Downloads
  • Monstercraft Server Access – A Vanilla+ SMP Minecraft Java Server
  • Monsterverse Server Access – A Heavily Modded Minecraft Java Server
  • One Monthly Live Learn Credit
  • Music Stems
  • Ableton/Logic File Downloads

When you sign up for a membership tier, your Discord account will automatically get new roles on the Monsterpack Discord server so you can see the hidden chat and voice channels that are included in your membership tier. All perks are distributed via Discord.

Are You Monstercore Enough?

We’re looking for lovingly-motivated people to help promote the content we produce, moderate the community, and even contribute content. If you’d like to step up your involvement with the Monster Family, I’d encourage you to consider joining the Monstercore team. We have a few open roles right now. If any of them sound fun to you, please check those boxes and tell me more about yourself. I’m looking forward to meeting you!