Breakfast Sandwich Maker – Healthier, Tastier than Fast Food

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When it comes to breakfast at fast food restaurants, the options are pretty much all the same (as Taco Bell has recently pointed out). After spending countless dollars on these sandwiches, I grew tired of wasting money. I wanted to make breakfast sandwiches at home for cheaper than fast food restaurants; even cheaper than the frozen sandwiches at the grocery store. Who wants frozen sausage? Yuck. It turns out, there’s an appliance for that.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker helped us stop spending money on fast food breakfast. As far as we know, this is pretty much the only breakfast sandwich maker. That said, it’s hard to say that it’s the “best,” but we love it anyway. I can use any carbohydrate I want: mini bagels, English muffins, mini croissants, biscuits, bread cut in a circle, mini pancakes, etc. The same goes for the inside ingredients: cheese, meat, veggies, and egg help you customize the sandwich any way you like. I just plug in the unit and wait for it to heat up. The bottom compartment holds the bottom bread, cheese, and any meat or veggies you may want. The top compartment cooks the egg—whole, beaten, whole with broken yolk, egg whites only—as well as the top bread. Let it sit for a few minutes, and you’ve got a tasty egg sandwich cooked to your liking.

Our favorite combo is an English muffin with a beaten egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese. I found that a beaten egg cooks faster than a whole egg or an egg with a broken yolk. The fastest way to prepare these sandwiches is to have your ingredients ready ahead of time. I typically buy a block of cheese and slice it so I don’t have to spend time doing that every morning. The same goes for the bacon. My trick is to take a pound of bacon and slice the whole thing in half. Then, I cook it all in one sitting. I can pull out the cooked bacon from the fridge each morning and use about three pieces per sandwich. The breakfast sandwich maker warms the bacon perfectly. Having everything prepped ahead of time dramatically reduces the levels of hangry in our house.
We have the single breakfast sandwich maker, but I recently discovered the double. What?! Yes, double! My husband always eats two sandwiches at a time, so of course I would want to cook them both simultaneously. If you’ve used the double breakfast sandwich maker, let us know what you think. I have yet to snag one since our single unit works so well. If it ever dies, we’re definitely buying the double. Leave us a comment with your favorite breakfast sandwich combos. What ingredients do you use? I’d love to hear more suggestions!

We’ve been using this breakfast sandwich maker almost every day for the last two years, and it still works like a champ. We’re saving money each day by making breakfast ourselves. Plus, it’s way healthier (and tastier) than fast food!

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