Best Baby Jumper for Children Under 25 Pounds

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Once my son was about four months old, he wanted to stand up all the time. Since my husband and I run a business from home, we didn’t have the ability to hold him up all day — nor did we think that would be healthy for his development. That meant it was time for us to find the best baby jumper. Originally, I wanted to get an Exersaucer. I saw that style a lot, so I assumed it must be the best baby jumper. After showing my husband a video of a baby jumping in an Exersaucer, he was completely against it. His main complaint was the noise. Admittedly, these jumpers are incredibly loud, but I figured that went along with the territory. It turns out I was wrong.

Best Baby Jumper – I looked into other options and finally settled on the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. I found videos that proved it was much quieter than the Exersaucer. There’s not as much plastic banging against plastic. It has fabric-covered springs so little fingers don’t get pinched. The toys still make noise while my son bounces like crazy, but it’s definitely tolerable. The springs also allow for easier jumping, which makes it more fun for the baby. The best baby jumper includes a good variety of toys. If the baby gets bored with one toy, there is something different behind them to grab their interest. Each toy is different, so the baby has to figure out how to use each one. Lastly, there’s a switch that let’s you choose to have the music motion activated or always playing.

One of my favorite features of the best baby jumper is its portability. The frame collapses so parents can move it from one room to another with ease. Most other jumpers are too wide for our doorways, but we can take this jumper anywhere in the house — even outside in the yard. We can even store it in a corner or closet when collapsed. Our first family camping trip was this past September, and the best baby jumper came with us. It was perfect! We folded it up and put it in the back of the truck with the rest of our gear. Our baby had somewhere safe to play while we were gathering wood or cooking a meal. Pro tip: don’t leave the best baby jumper too close to the fire after baby goes to bed. You may end up with some burn marks from flying embers. Oops.

After returning from our camping trip, the best baby jumper was filthy. All I had to do was remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. I wiped off the main jumper and frame with a few baby wipes, and we were good to go.

Best Baby Jumper – Flaws

The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo has flaws; no jumper will be perfect for everyone. Our pick for best baby jumper has two main problems. The first is that the seat does not spin easily. I have to rotate the seat to a different position so my son can use the toys on the opposite side of the jumper. The rollers are too stiff and tight for the baby to turn around. The second downfall is the snack tray. It’s a tiny spot in the main part of the jumper for baby to have a snack while he’s playing. It he wants to bounce, those snacks will end up on the floor. Our dog loves that feature. I would prefer Fisher Price to utilize this wasted space more efficiently with another toy. I’d be happy if they figured out how to keep the snacks enclosed. Something like the snack cup to the right would be great.

Best Baby Jumper – Conclusion

At the time of publishing, the price was less than $70. That price makes the best baby jumper a worthwhile investment. The price is currently the lowest in its history on Amazon. This is the perfect time to get a jump on Christmas while the price is so low! (pun intended) My son has been using this jumper for the last 8 months. We will continue to get use out of it once our baby girl is born next year. I have no regrets about sharing the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo as the best baby jumper for our household!

As with all our reviews, we hope our pick works well for you. We’re open to feedback and product suggestions from our readers. If you’ve used something else you think is better than our main pick, please let us know in the comments or via the email link in the sidebar. We’ll check out new items and replace our main pick if something better comes along.

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