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I am certainly a jack of all trades but only a master of a few. I have a house from the 70s that still needs a lot of work, a Toyota FJ Cruiser that gets plenty of attention, and a pool table to re-felt. Let’s get doing!

16 02, 2015

Best Moldable Rubber for Fixers

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Without making this a manifesto for the "fixer movement," I wanted to share one of my favorite materials with you: moldable rubber. More so, I wanted to show you the best moldable rubber for fixing stuff. Why would anyone want moldable rubber, and how does it help me fix anything? Personally, I've found endless uses for this putty-like material including reinforcing [...]

7 02, 2015

Best Leather Interior for Your Vehicle

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I bought a 2011 Toyota Tacoma this summer. Some of you may have a very real emotional reaction to that statement (good or bad), but I've dreamt of off-roading in a Toyota since I first saw Marty McFly's truck in Back to the Future. Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't sell the Hilux in the states any more. So, I settled for the Tacoma. The very nature [...]