Burly’s Patreon

Hello, Monster Pack!

You know how this works: I ask for your support on Patreon and you make a decision about it. If supporting Burlimonster isn’t your cup of tea, no problem! I appreciate you being part of this community regardless. If you have a few extra bucks to spare each month and would like to become a supporter, please follow the link below.


Benefits of supporting Burlimonster:

  • Patreon-only advanced access to content
  • Patreon-only videos
  • Patreon-only Discord chat
  • Patreon-only livestreams on a weekly basis
  • Patreon-only Covercraft digital downloads for each new song
  • Patreon-only Logic Pro Files for each Covercraft project
  • Patreon-only Monstercraft Monster Pack server access
  • Other cool perks coming up