Monstercraft Minecraft Survival Server

The Monstercraft survival server is running the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition. Why Java? Well, Bedrock is newer and less supported by the community. Our server has a whitelist so only the people Burly approves can join the fun. It also has permissions so people can’t touch what you’ve built at your base unless you trust them. It’s far easier to enable those features on a Java server versus a Bedrock server.

Minecraft Java Edition
Spigot Plugins

Monstercraft isn’t just a vanilla survival server. We use plugins from Spigot, optimizations from Paper, datapacks and resource packs from Vanilla Tweaks, and recommend using visual improvements including shaders via Optifine. Shaders are a personal experience for many Minecraft gamers, so we leave those up to you. These customizations create an awesome, high-performance server so our community can play the game any way they want.

Paper Optimizations
Vanilla Tweaks

Monstercraft was originally meant to be a server for creators, but Burlimonster decided to open it up to friends and patrons instead. Our community is always looking for more people to join us. If you’d like to play on the Monstercraft server, join our discord and sign up for tier 4, 5, or 6 on Patreon. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to our private Monstercraft discord channels and we’ll whitelist you on the server.

Discord Server
Server Map

Monstercraft Updates